BOC Industrial is issuing its welding and cutting manual, BOC Tradefile, in a new hardbound catalogue and for the first time in the UK is to make it available to retail teams and over the counter at selected BOC industrial trade outlets.

BOC Tradefile is a practical guide containing the collected wisdom of BOC welding engineers, technical specialists and health and safety experts, many of whom have written specific chapters or contributed to subscriber updates.

Now in its fifth year of publication and with over 5000 regular subscribers, BOC Tradefile has been built chapter by chapter to provide a comprehensive range of hands-on advice including: \\$quot;˜how to guides\\$quot; on welding processes, trade tips on improving welding and cutting techniques, efficiency and performance as well as advice on selecting the right process, gas and equipment.

With a heavy emphasis on safety BOC Tradefile will benefit users by helping them run their business safely, carry out risk assessments, set up emergency procedures in the workplace and develop a good understanding of safety with gases and welding processes.

Dynes Woodrow, BOC Industrial's marketing director said: \\$quot;˜Every day thousands of businesses throughout the UK rely on getting the most from their welding gas and equipment.

'Aside from first rate equipment and a reliable source of gas it is crucial that anyone who regularly works with welding, metal cutting and industrial gases - whether in a garage, factory workshop or building site - has a thorough understanding of the processes and knows how to handle, store or transport gases safely.'