ICx Photonics, a business unit of ICx Technologies, has launched its SensorChip CO2 4P gas sensor module and announced plans to launch its new Hydrocarbon SensorChip before the end of the summer.

Labelled 'a revolutionary technology' for carbon dioxide detection, the SensorChip CO2 4P is available in the US and Europe and according to ICx, is the first MEMS-based CO2 4P gas sensor module available.

The company says its Hydrocarbon Sensorchip is scheduled to launch soon, with the device having all the benefits of the CO2 device, low power consumption and intrinsic safety, and available in a 4P format.

The 4P packaging, standard for industrial gas detection, allows the sensor to 'plug and play' in handheld applications and makes it compatible for the market's largest sensor suppliers.

The carbon dioxide SensorChip has further reduced power consumption for the sensor, as Keith Fallon, director of Industrial Sales for ICx Photonics, $quot;The low power consumption and intrinsic safety of our device is very attractive to many of our customers, and in particular to those making portable gas sensing instruments.$quot;

ICx Photonics provides advanced infrared photonic crystal devices that permit IR emission and absorption to be spectrally defined, with these devices being integrated into NDIR gas sensing systems as well as IR beacons and markers for defence and identification application.