Burckhardt Compression, the Switzerland-based gas compression solutions company, opened a new service centre for Central Europe, located in Slovakia, on 1st December.

The centre is set to react to customer demands and provide comprehensive services for reciprocating compressors of any brand to operators in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Burckhardt Compression’s new addition offers comprehensive compressor services and repair works for all brands of reciprocating compressors including service for Hyper Compressors.

The service centre is in operation with the company’s local partner, Sultrade Compressor Services (SCS).

The new addition puts Burckhardt Compression closer to its customers and ensures the company can react faster to their customer needs.

The worldwide company specialises in reciprocating compressor systems. Burckhardt Compression is currently the only manufacturer and service provider that covers a full range of reciprocating compressor technologies and services.

new service centre in Bratislava

new service centre in Bratislava

Source: Burckhardt Compression