A leading supplier to the micro-electronics industry has introduced new technology for cleaning image sensors.

Eco-Snow Systems, an affiliate of The Linde Group, has introduced the Eco-Snow Precision Clean 1000; a device which uses CO2 snow to clean the sensors used in camera phones, and PC, video and still cameras.

During the manufacturing process for the sensors, microscopic particles can settle on the lens, causing the picture quality to deteriorate.

This problem has been made more apparent through technological advances; as pixel size continues to decrease in order to achieve higher image resolution, the size of problematic particles on lenses also continues to shrink.

Using CO2 snow, the Eco-Snow Precision Clean 1000 cleans the sensors, and removes double the amount of small particles from the sensor or cover glass as competing technologies.

The efficiency of the product results in higher yields – a key consideration for manufacturers of high volume consumer products such as camera phones.

Joe Clark, General Manager for Eco-Snow Systems said, “Particle contamination is one of the biggest issues manufacturers face and is the biggest cause of yield loss. To ensure camera function, manufacturers now must remove particles as small as 1 micron in diameter. One way they can quickly and easily achieve this is by integrating the Eco-Snow Precision Clean technology into their production line. ”

Clark added that Eco-Snow customers have realised yield improvement that is 2 to 5% better than competing technologies such as air blow, water and solvent-based cleaning.