At a recent convention in Florida, Cyl-Tec Inc. has been awarded Primary Vendor status by the Association of Independent Welding Distributors (AIWD), reflecting the value and quality of service it offers its customers.

The purchasing cooperative awards Primary Vendor status based on the nominees meeting established criteria, successfully meeting regulation and compliance requirements, and providing value to the members.

Jim Bennett, president of Cyl-Tec Inc, seemed pleased as he said, “We are honoured and grateful to all the AIWD members and the AIWD Board for electing Cyl-Tec, Inc. as Primary Vendor for high-pressure compressed gas and acetylene dissolved gas cylinders for the next three years. We are very excited and look forward to the opportunity to serve the membership.”

Cyl-Tec Inc. is a member of the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association and now offers a wide range of products to complement its respected cylinder testing and maintenance services, including high-pressure compressed gas cylinders, acetylene cylinders and beverage carbonation cylinders.