Concoa has introduced an innovative and fully automatic switchover that offers continuous, fail-safe pressure and flow control from liquid or high-pressure medical cylinders, for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and medical gas pipeline systems.

The first of its kind in the medical arena, the Universal Medical IntelliSwitch™ enables users to select the ideal mode of supply with the simple push of a button.

Equipped with proprietary software and control logic that lower annual gas costs and comply with NFPA 99 ‘Economizer’ requirements, the Medical IntelliSwitch is designed to eliminate liquid cylinder vent loss and excess residual return.

Allowing users to remotely monitor status when integrated with CONCOA’s Advantium Rx Alarm for added protection and convenience, the Medical IntelliSwitch can serve as a single remote monitoring source or be linked to a facility alarm system or additional Rx alarms.

Series 570 and Series 571 are ideal for oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, air, helium, and medical gas mixture use, Concoa notes. Other highlights from the Series 570 include dual-line regulator control and a right/left-side inlet option, while Series 571 allows for dual-line regulator diagnosis and a left-side reserve option.

Both models allow for on-site supply change and contain micro-processor control, field-adjustable and self-diagnosis software, an Ethernet connectivity option, RS 232/RS 485 connectivity, and a NEMA 12 or optional NEMA 4 enclosure.