Headmaster, UK specialists in gas and liquid membrane technology, has launched its new compact GEM systems for the verification and calibration of dissolved gas analysers, powerful tools for Quality Analysis in beverage production and packaging due to the speed and convenience of non-invasive tests using liquid.

The comprehensive range of systems covers single gases such as O2, CO2 and N2, as well as binary combinations such as O2+CO2 and O2+N2, at dissolved levels close to the normal working ranges of analysers. Certain models have selectable output levels allowing the easy 2-poin checking of analysers and all models can be set to output zero-DO liquid.

Only requiring connection to water, a gas and air supplies, the systems provide constant 10 l/h flows of special reference liquids containing precise, displayed levels of dissolved gases. The Headmaster high-efficiency membrane assembly completely de-gasses a feed stream of filtered water and then saturates it with the process gas.

Dissolved gas levels, displayed in chosen units, are determined from known gas concentrations, pressure and algorithms which correct solubility for process temperature. The experience of up to 70 installations of previous calibrator models has proved the contactors capable of maintaining efficiency over 5 years, even in continuous use.

New controls and new, battery-driven measurement technology in GEM calibrators have delivered the practical benefits of reduced cost, size and weight, while retaining full accuracy and capacity, and both installation and operation are now greatly simplified.