Consolidated Industrial Gases Inc. (CIGI) and Southern Industrial Gas (SIG) will introduce new technologies aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the food processing and packaging industry.

After gaining new ground with the government's focus on agribusiness, the industry will set in motion initiatives to expand the agricultural and fishery product mix through high value crops, while also adding value through innovative packaging and agro-processing.

CIGI and SIG have gained access to global technologies in food freezing and cooling since becoming part of The Linde Group in 2006. These technologies include the design and supply of tunnel and spiral freezers, refrigerants like liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, food grade gases, pipeline systems, gas mixing panels and other such equipment.

The newest addition to the range is the Cryoline tunnel freezer, a multi-purpose, cryogenic freezer that combines state-of-the-art technology with a high quality hygienic design. It is flexible and easy to use with optimized application of cryogenic gases this can be used for meat patties and pieces, whole fish and fillets, various kinds of seafood and many other food products.

The two companies are bringing these technologies closer to the end-users by participating in International Food Exhibitions like the recently held Food Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibit in Davao and the upcoming World Food Exhibit in Manila.