The Fredericks Company has introduced the TELEVAC MX200 Modular Vacuum Controller device, an upgrade of its TELEVAC MM200, which includes new features such as USB and enhancements of existing RS-232/485 communications protocols.

The TELEVAC MX200 expands functionality for a expansive set of applications where vacuum measurement is critical, and is ideal for use in heat-treat and vacuum furnaces, leak detection, freeze drying, cryogenics, thin film deposition and coating processes, and semiconductors. The device is also functional for research use in laboratories.

Efficiency and speed are key in The Fredericks Company’s new TELEVAC design. Controlling any TELEVAC vacuum sensor, the TELEVAC MX200 features USB, with optional RS-232/485 communications for greater interfacing efficiency. These updates are particularly useful in resolving any discrepancy between the MX200 and programmable logic controller (PLC) displayed readings.

Users can also access all features through the new display panel, with the front panel showing up to eight sensors. This latest device provides a 10-millisecond response time, which is 20 times faster than the previous version. 

Upgraded communications

“Upgraded communications protocols make the new TELEVAC MX200 a versatile vacuum controller because of its expanded interfacing capabilities,” said Heidi McKenna, president of The Fredericks Company. “And because it is a modular unit, users can configure cards and control up to 10 sensors, allowing them to customize a vacuum sensing solution that best fits their needs.

Users of the device will now be able to easily upgrade the controller operating system from the comfort of their own facility, using the standard USB connection. The TELEVAC MX200 system accepts cards from the MM200 device, saving on cost and time. The controller is CE-certified and UL-listed.