Finnish clean hydrogen and pure carbon technology production company Hycamite has launched a test facility which will conduct research into techniques for producing carbon dioxide (CO2)-free hydrogen from natural gas.

By using its new technology based on research from the University of Oulu, Finland, Hycamite is able to manufacture applications such as electric car batteries by breaking down methane molecules from natural gas and biogas into hydrogen and pure solid carbon.

With an industrial pilot plant scheduled for next year in the Kokkola Industrial Park KIP, Laura Rahikka, CEO, Hycamite said that the company’s new facility will contribute to its goal of large-scale hydrogen production.

Hycamite's hydrogen production research facility.

Hycamite’s hydrogen production research facility.

Source: Hycamite

Continuing, she said, “Our production will enable companies to switch to using pure hydrogen in the next few years because the hydrogen produced by wind and solar power will not be enough on the market to meet the growing demand for a long time to come.”

To compensate for the inconsistencies present in wind power generated electricity, zero-emission hydrogen is considered to be a likely energy source, in addition to hydrogen becoming a climate-neutral synthetic fuel to replace ‘dirty’ jet fuel.