MOCON, Inc. is partnering with Hemetek Techno Instruments in Mumbai, India to establish a certified testing lab, due to open in January 2010.

Hemetek, a well-respected package testing and instrumentation representative, will operate the first independent, MOCON-certified lab.

The lab will offer barrier and headspace analysis, leak detection and burst testing for food, beverage and pharmaceutical/medical packaging.

The water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide permeation testing services are also intended for manufacturers and converters of rigid and flexible packaging containers and films.

Additionally, the Mumbai lab will be offering a two-day, hands-on permeation/ packaging training programme for those wishing to gain supervised experience on state-of-the-art MOCON testing equipment.

Having already established laboratories in the US, Germany and China, MOCON is now targeting other strategic locations to establish a true consistent, global testing footprint.

“Our partnership with Hemetek will bring a high-level of certified testing to one of the fastest growing marketplaces—the Indian subcontinent,” explains Alan Shema, Product Manager for Consulting and Test Services at MOCON.

“Hemetek also will be able to provide results faster than currently available in India.”

Traditionally, Indian companies have relied on universities and other institutions for their package testing needs. Turnaround times typically range from a couple of weeks to more than a month.

The MOCON-certified lab will be able to provide results in less time, helping companies decrease development time and improve speed-to-market.

“We are pleased to be the operators of the first independently-owned, MOCON-certified lab. The Hemetek staff is looking forward to bringing a new level of package testing services to India,” says Viraj Devasthale, Director of Hemetek.

For those companies interested in purchasing MOCON instrumentation for their own facility, the new lab gives them a chance to ‘test drive’ instrumentation before they commit to a purchase.

“It’s important to point out that the lab is ‘certified.’ That means that companies using the Mumbai facility will get the same level of service and quality they would find at our US headquarters. Hemetek’s personnel have been trained by MOCON technicians to follow appropriate testing protocol,” Shema added.

The new Mumbai lab also will target multinational brand owners who want to make sure that the testing standards they have established in other parts of the world can be repeated in India.