The new turbokompressor at Metallurgical Plant Azovstal is now officially functional and the start up of this equipment forms the original preparation of starting the Air Separation unit, ASU-60, in the built oxygen block of the plant.

$quot;The turbokompressor gives and other advantages to the Metallurgical Plant supplying the ASU with the additional compressed air by capacity of 180 thousand cubic meters an hour - it is a possibility to grow the volumes of produced cast-iron, steel and rolled metal,$quot; said Mr. Vladimir Sizov, deputy of director on capital building and investments.

The new turbokompressor's distinguishing feature is its fully automated controls system, while the turbine showed excellent operating features. The work of the new turbokompressor machine has already allowed Azovstal to prove the quality of service of its operating machines.

Open Joint Stock Company the Azovstal Metallurgical Plant, is a modern hi-tech enterprise providing a wide spectrum of metal production. Azovstal is included among three leaders of particular a branch rating of Ukraine metallurgical enterprises on the production of cast-iron, steel and rolled metal.

Azovstal is included in the group Metinvest, which carries out the strategic management by mining and smelting business. Metinvest Holding is the managing company of Metinvest LTD.