Germany medical refrigeration technology manufacturer Secop GmbH (Secop) has developed a new compressor designed for mobile ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems to safely transport cold chain products such as mRNA-based vaccines for Covid-19 and CGTs (cell and gene therapies).

The new battery and solar power-operated device, MP2UVULTM, is capable of keeping products at temperatures between -70C to -86C (-94F to -122F) and requires no dry ice. 

As the largest compressor supplier to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAV), Secop has ensured that the organisation is able to improve access to life-saving vaccines in developing countries. 

John B. Lange, Head of Global Accounts, Secop, commented on the partnership, stating that the relationship has helped to drive Secop’s medical device ULT product series. 

Suitable for between 20 – 40 litre cooling containers, the device’s lack of need for dry ice means that it’s easier to facilitate distribution in remote areas where water may be scarce or in short supply. 

With its range of products certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Secop’s ULT series is also compatible with ethane (R170) refrigerant.

Secop’s products also extend to compressors for stationary use, with four other devices capable of being used for ultra-low temperatures in addition to biomedical applications with temperatures ranging from -30C to -60C (-22F to -76F). This temperature range makes it suitable for containers with volumes from 20 to 200 litres and from 200 to 500 litres.