Medical Gas Solutions has successfully completed the implementation of a 5-year contract with the East Midlands ambulance Service, to supply Luxfer's Odyssey and Excursion cylinders under the brand name of the company's New Vision series.

The New Vision products supplied are the 300 bar 2 litre Odyssey and 10 litre Excursion cylinders, combining optimum strength and durability with uncompromising safety in compact, portable packages.
Part of Luxfer's advanced technology hoop wrap and full wrap composite product lines, the cylinders can also be charged up to 300 bar, making them ideal for front-line medical crews by providing almost double the gas volume of a conventional cylinder.

Steve Gullick, Medical Gas Solution's managing director, comments, $quot;We selected Luxfer's Excursion and Odyssey series because they provide a total solution approach to medical gas delivery including the lightest weight to duration ratio available on the market.$quot;

New Vision cylinders are fitted with a revolutionary micro-chip tracking device to enable ambulance services to record and monitor stock control via an online link and monitor 'hot-spots', where extra cylinders may need to be deployed. The system also incorporates a unique identity number which can be used to trace the date of manufacture, cylinder type, batch control and testing data and provide other information such as refill dates and gas contents.

Added user benefits include revolutionary integral valve technology which allows settings to be easily read and adjusted by an ergonomically designed control.

With 5 manufacturing sites in Europe and North America, including Luxfer Gas Cylinders Euruope in Nottingham, the company is a world leader in the development, production and supply of seamless, extruded aluminium and composite high-pressure cylinders for the storage of gases.

Medical Gas Solutions, based in Flintshire, UK, is at the forefront of the breathing equipment market and a major supplier to sectors of the market as diverse as the NHS, offshore shipping, diving, sport and the emergency services.