Vilter Manufacturing LLC, an Emerson Climate Technologies business segment, has introduced its next generation vapor recovery units (VRUs). The new VRUs feature hermetically sealed Copeland Scroll™ compressors, horizontal lube oil stabilizers, and the ROC827 controller.

Vapor recovery came to the forefront in August 2013 when the EPA issued a final ruling (40 CFR part 60, subpart 0000) requiring the capture and recovery of at least 95 percent of tank vapors produced in virtually all crude oil and gas production, transmission, and distribution.

Emerson’s new VRU is part of a unique vapor recovery process that employs hermetically sealed scroll compressors requiring very low oil flows. The oil can be “processed” through a multi-stage, heated, horizontal stabilizer that removes all absorbed hydrocarbons from the lubricating oil. The oil is then returned to the compressor as part of the closed loop lubrication system.  By employing the oil stabilizer, the system maximizes throughput while protecting the compressor from low oil viscosity caused by dilution, a common and serious problem in previous VRUs.

Copeland Scroll compressors are utilized because they are hermetically sealed, eliminating virtually all volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. They also require less maintenance because they have no shaft seals, drive belts, drive couplings, lube points or system oil pump.

The new VRUs come in two applications: the Vilter VRU-44, which can accommodate pressures up to 175 psig, and the VRU-56, for pressures up to 150 psig. Both units feature a remote operations controller — the ROC827 — designed to be used in the most demanding remote measurement and control applications, such as those found in oil and gas fields. The ROC827 features snap-together module racks to accommodate from three to 27 I/O and communication modules, allowing it to store data for EPA reporting and provide real-time remote monitoring.

The result is a VRU that provides improved efficiency, machinery health, and life expectancy, and an accelerated ROI, all while meeting the most stringent emissions regulations.

“Not only does the Vilter VRU help companies comply with EPA mandates, thereby avoiding fines,” said Thomas Hoopes, Director, Hydrocarbon Industry, Vilter Manufacturing. “Its design helps prevent premature shutdown due to low oil viscosity and excessive carry-over, eliminating the potential lost revenue.”