The Westfalen Group has made it easier to transport gases by air after designing a new dedicated range of lightweight canisters.

The Alumini® 12 fly mini-canisters are available in different sizes starting from 0.5 litres in capacity and can be filled with over 30 of the German group’s high-purity gases, gas mixtures and isotopes or isotope mixtures.

The pressurised aluminium vessels have been specifically designed in order to deliver gas mixtures to areas that are difficult to access by land and sea.

A statement from the family-owned business said that the Alumini 12 fly offers “significantly increased mobility for manufacturers and users requiring gases for use all over the world.”

Westfalen will present this new range at the Lab-Supply exhibition in Berlin next month. The regional trade fair for laboratory technology highlights the latest innovations in instrumental analytics and biotechnology for the environmental, food and industrial analysis, biochemistry, medical diagnostics and pharmacology sectors.

Pm lab supply berlin

Source: The Westfalen Group

The new pressurised cans are delivered ready for transport by air, in their corresponding Alumini® Smart Box along with removal equipment.