A new white paper from gas transfer and compression solutions manufacturer Haskel outlines the key considerations and choices to be made in selecting high pressure gas and liquid compression equipment.

Selecting the appropriate pump technology for high pressure gas and liquid applications can make the ultimate difference in the performance and reliability of processes.

While the right technology will ensure that a process runs at its optimal best, non-ideal pump technology might lead to non-ideal performance, unexpected ancillary costs, or what Haskel describes as ‘headaches’ like non-productive downtime ‘down the road’.

As new compressor and pump technologies continue to enter the market, it is therefore vitally important for any business to consider they key drivers to evaluate all technology options, against a number of core performance metrics for specific application needs.

It is these performance metrics and these significant technology considerations that Haskel presents in its new white paper, made available with gasworld’s new White Papers platform.

It compares the benefits and drawbacks of different legacy and new technologies for high pressure compression. Specifically, it compares and contrasts diaphragm compressors, triplex pumps, hydraulic-driven diaphragm pumps, piston compressors, hydraulic-driven gas boosters, and a new entrant to the market, the electric-servo gas compressor.


Factors for consideration covered in the white paper include: 

  • Capital cost versus operating costs
  • Media compatibility
  • Installation and set-up requirements
  • Routine maintenance/service needs
  • Reliability and MTBF
  • Noise pollution
  • Ability to handle varying inlet pressures and flow rates.

For more information and how to download the new white paper, visit www.gasworld.com/white-papers.

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