Hydrotechnik is set to revolutionise the wireless pressure and temperature sensing market, with the innovative, low cost HT-Wcom system that can monitor up to 65 sensors at once on one PC.

The sensors are self-powered and transmit both pressure and temperature readings.

The HT-Wcom system allows monitoring and alarm functioning of up to 65 pressure transducers located within a 100m radius. The sensors of the HT-Wcom System connect remotely to a single PC, with no additional interfaces required, while the sensors are self-powered and send pressure and temperature readings.

With Condition Monitoring now more than ever an essential process to enable systems to run safely and efficiently, this innovative, discreet, low-cost system will transform the wireless pressure and temperature sensing market.

The pressure sensors are self-contained, compact, battery powered IP67 units with a number of pressure ranges available. Standard sensors are 0 to 500 bar but they can also be manufactured from -1 up to 1000 bar.

The ‘beauty’ of the new system, according to Hydrotechnik, is that just one PC can monitor up to 65 remote sensors directly, keeping the cost of the system low.

The units are suitable for gas or liquid applications and the company notes that ATEX approved units will be made available. Applications include building control, process applications, hydraulic testing and offshore oil and gas.

Hydrotechnik UK describes itself as, ‘experts in fluid monitoring, diagnostics and control systems’ with 20 years experience in the UK market.