German gas technology specialist Witt, regarded as a market leader in the design and production of safety equipment for the gases industry, has introduced a new high pressure safety device which is the only one of its kind to deliver a maximum pressure of 17 bar.

Satisfying the regulations of EN730 for hydrogen and methane, the engineering performance of the new F100-17N-ES provides better protection for gas systems and their operators than ever before.

Andreas Heyer, product manager in Witten, commented, “Other products available in the marketplace currently operate up to maximum pressure of 10 bar. For many applications like flame spraying, this is much too low.”

The cylinder-shaped unit can be installed directly in the gas line at the tapping point and in the event of a fire, the system prevents flames from flashing over from the gas tapping point to the gas supply.

In addition to the flame arrestor, the new 17-bar device has an integrated temperature controlled cut-off valve which automatically stops the flow of gas when the temperature increases to above 105oC.