Cryotech International Inc. has recently designed and supplied a new liquid nitrogen (LN2) delivery system to the iCream Café in Chicago, US, where customers watch as their ice cream is made to order.

A Cryogenic Society of America (CSA) Corporate Sustaining Member, Cryotech International partnered with iCream to fully understand the production requirements of the novel café.

Located in the trendy Wicker Park neighbourhood of Chicago, the iCream Café allows customers to choose their ice cream base, flavour and colour, before the mixture is placed in a mixer and sprayed with liquid nitrogen.

An instant supply of liquid nitrogen is therefore required, designed to be both reliable and on-demand.

To that end, Cryotech set to work on designing the system and also worked with iCream to complete the integration. Neal Schinske, Cryotech Regional Sales Manager, explained to Cold Facts magazine, “Producing consistently high quality products required an instantaneous supply of pure liquid nitrogen in exact time requirements.”

“Preliminary designs had to be refined to the point where all stations had reliable, on-demand liquid nitrogen.”

Cryotech had to draw on its vast experience in the field of specialty LN2 equipment to create the unique delivery system, which includes a multi-outlet phase separator, vacuum insulated CryotechFlex hoses, and high flow liquid nitrogen dosing equipment with selected nozzles.

For Cryotech, it seems the project was a refreshing change of scene. Gary Sandercock, Cryotech President, said, “For a company that often serves aerospace, biotech, defense and other high-tech industries, ice cream was a welcome change of pace.”

“We were able to use our detailed knowledge of liquid nitrogen delivery systems to satisfy the unique production needs for a specialty application.”