Newpoint Gas, LLC has developed a process to produce clean water, electricity and a hydrogen energy source from zero-emissions natural gas technologies.

The electric power generator and water production process converts zero-emission natural gas into hydrogen.

The first stage concentrates oxygen by separating nitrogen from atmospheric air through an air separation unit (ASU). The nitrogen can also be sold as a byproduct.

The purified oxygen is added to the natural gas stream and injected along with steam into a syngas reformer. The combination of oxygen and natural gas is converted to hydrogen, CO2, and water vapour.

Excess heat produced by the syngas reformer is utilised to generate power by the syngas reformer and utilised to generate power while the hydrogen, COand water vapour enter a hydrogen purification system.

The hydrogen purification unit separates the hydrogen from the COand water. The COis sent to a compressor and is sequestered and/or used in manufacturing. The purified hydrogen is sent to a power generator, combined with air to generate electricity.

“Newpoint’s focus since 2015 has been on the environmental and social impact of oil and gas,” said Wiley Rhodes, Founder and CEO of Newpoint.

“We overcame challenges with inventive action in developing technologies for Zero Emission Oil & Gas production and blue hydrogen that target immediate change. Now our attention is on implementation,” Rhodes continued.

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