ACD successfully passed the performance test (FAT) for their LNG fuel gas pump system – which will be used for TOTE’s LNG-powered containerships.

ACD’s LNG fuel gas pump system (MSP-3SLH, Dual) will be installed and fuel TOTE’s Marlin Class containerships which will be the first LNG-powered containerships in the world and operate between Jacksonville, Florida and San Juan Puerto, Rico. The containerships will be ABS classified.

The FAT included full performance at the ship’s rated LNG fuel flow requirements from maneuvering to full-speed conditions. The system achieved 320 bar (4,640 psi) at flow rates from 1.4 m3/h to 11 m3/h (6 gpm to 48 gpm).  ABS, USCG, TOTE, Shinhan Machinery (DSME subsidiary) and NASSCO (General Dynamics - shipyard) were in attendance and witnessed the testing. 

ABS approved the LNG fuel gas pump system.  USCG has already approved ACD’s MSP-3SLH design using hydraulic motors for the high pressure pumps and the oil lube system. Included in ACD’s scope was powering the MSP-SLH dual system with an external HPU, which was also used and approved during the FAT.

The high pressure LNG fuel supply system includes two ACD model MSP-3SLH high pressure pumps with hydraulic motors and HPU.  Also included is an external oil lubrication system all integrated on a common skid with piping, high & low pressure control valves and all monitoring equipment.

“This is a significant milestone for ACD and the LNG powered marine market.  We appreciate the strong support we’ve received from DSME and their subsidiaries, NASSCO and MAN to understand requirements and meet their specifications.  Being a part of TOTE’s Marlin Class of LNG powered containerships is a special accomplishment everyone involved should be proud of,” said James Estes, Managing Director of ACD. 

ACD is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of cryogenic pump systems and turboexpanders.  ACD is a Cryogenic Industries Company and has 15 worldwide sales, fabrication and service locations to provide equipment sales, service, spare parts, and training for all ACD and affiliated company products.