A new ASU has started up at the facility of Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP in Geismar, Louisiana, with the increased production capacity set to expand the company’s customer base.

In particular, the new ASU increases Air Liquide’s supply of nitrogen, oxygen and argon to customers in a range of industries, including refining, natural gas, chemicals, metals, and many others.

In addition to expanding the company’s customer base, the increased production capacity further supports industrial growth and economic development in Louisiana.

The new ASU began commercial production in October 2011, producing high purity oxygen, nitrogen and argon for medical and industrial use. These products are delivered to customers via ground transportation and through Air Liquide’s extensive Mississippi River Pipeline system.

Michael Graff, President and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc., commented, “Air Liquide is very pleased to announce the expansion of our business in Louisiana, a state that prides itself on having one of the best business climates in the nation.”

“Our new ASU in Geismar is a sound investment that will serve Air Liquide, our customers, and the people of Louisiana well into the future. Air Liquide is proud to be a driver of industrial growth and job creation throughout the region.”

Air Liquide’s Mississippi River Pipeline system has connection to 14 of the company’s ASUs, supplying industrial gases to more than 30 customers along the Mississippi River.


Three ASUs in Geismar

The new ASU is one of three at Air Liquide’s facility in Geismar.

The first ASU became operational in October of 1999, and the second in February of 2000. All three are currently operational and the Geismar complex also includes a Hydrogen Purification Unit (HPU), a Cogeneration plant that supplies approximately 80% of the electricity used to power the facility, and a transportation depot – Air Liquide’s largest in the US in terms of output.

Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP serves large industry in the US by offering gas and energy solutions to optimise process efficiencies and help meet environmental
responsibilities. In the US, the Air Liquide Large Industries business serves the refining, natural gas, chemistry and metals industries. It operates an extensive 1,800 mile pipeline system along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River as well as providing its customers with on-site gas production capabilities.