Air Liquide America Specialty Gases recently announced the introduction of comprehensive calibration solutions that ensure accurate monitoring of ethylene and propylene in product or polymer grade feedstocks.

Purity standards include 1 to 5 ppm moisture and 1 to 5 ppm ammonia, both in nitrogen; 0.1 to 1 ppm hydrogen sulfide in nitrogen; and 0.1 to 1 ppm hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide and methyl mercaptan tri-blend in nitrogen.

Air Liquide feedstock standards feature a 12-month shelf life for long-term stability and guaranteed ±5% accuracy that ensures precise analyzer calibration for error-free purity analysis. Low impurity levels protect analyzer sensitivity and provide extended, contamination-free instrument performance.

Blend tolerance of ±10% ensures product consistency and integrity between orders while 10 to 20 working day lead times reduce the need for on-site specialty gas inventory.

Feedstock standards are offered in 140 CF aluminium cylinders that provide cost-effective gas quantity. In addition, Air Liquide offers zero nitrogen and ALPHAGAZ™ instrument support pure gases for single-source accountability.

In addition to products for the hydrocarbon and natural gas industries, Air Liquide America Specialty Gases offers a wide range of gas and equipment products for industries that include environmental compliance, engine emissions testing, food and beverage, laboratory and science, homeland security, welding and cutting, pharmaceutical and biotech, lighting and glass insulating, and undersea diving.