With Germany set to have a supply network of at least 50 public hydrogen filling stations by 2015, it’s been revealed that Air Liquide is to design and build 10 of those stations in the country.

In Berlin this summer, Air Liquide signed a Letter of Intent with the Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer and representatives of other companies, to expand the network of hydrogen filling stations in Germany.

The German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development and several industrial companies signed the joint Letter of Intent.

It is intended that by 2015, Germany will have a network of at least 50 public filling stations and after signing the letter in Berlin this June, Air Liquide will design and build 10 of those hydrogen stations with three to be located in North Rhine-Westphalia, two each in Hesse, two in Saxony and Southern Germany, and one station in Lower Saxony.

As of June 2012, 59 hydrogen filling stations have been designed and delivered around the world by Air Liquide. And in Germany in particular the company has already been very active in deploying hydrogen energy projects; four hydrogen filling stations have already been commissioned throughout the country by Air Liquide Germany.