Air Products has recently won the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for the Laser Industry in China, for its specialist BIP® purification technology.

The technology is recognised for its innovation and reliability on gas purification, which results in production efficiency and cost effectiveness in gas analysis, high quality welding and laser cutting.

BIP® is named from one of its most important features: the specially designed ‘Built-In Purifier’. The product is used to produce ultra high purity gas range for a wide variety of applications requiring high purity gases, including laser cutting, high quality welding, gas chromatography, and inerting.

With Air Products’ cylinder and valve design, BIP® purification technology eliminates the risks of external contamination to the cylinder while purifying the gas in the cylinder at high pressure at the same time. This brings low levels of impurities, enabling customers to use argon, nitrogen and helium that are up to 300 times purer than normal cylinder gases, with less than 10ppb (parts per billion) total hydrocarbons, 10ppb oxygen and 20ppb moisture.

Organised by International Laser Solutions for Manufacturing China, a leading industrial magazine published by Ringier Trade Media, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards were launched in 2006 and are regarded as one of the most important awards in China’s laser industry to recognise significant contributors for the advancement of industry through technical innovation.

This year, 72 products and technologies from 58 multinational and domestic players competed for the awards across six categories: lasers, laser systems for production engineering, laser system components, system peripherals of laser production engineering, optical materials and components, and others.

No less than 30 innovative products and technologies from 27 companies were selected by the panel of judges, comprising experts from China’s authoritative industry associations, universities, research institutes and users.

Air Products’ BIP® purification technology was selected as one of the winners in the category of laser systems for production engineering.

Industrial laser welding

Rapidly growing market

Globally, the laser equipment and processing market has experienced rapid and healthy growth. China remains a powerhouse, with a growth rate higher than that of the global average, and an increasing number of laser technologies have been introduced into the market and helped facilitate market growth.

Among those, gas purification technology is vital to laser applications – purer laser gases help achieve higher intensity laser beam output for better laser cutting quality, and lower gas impurity level also help improve the performance of laser equipment and life of laser resonator.

Air Products is therefore delighted with its award this year. Frank Yu, General Manager, Packaged Gases and Microbulk, China at Air Products, represented the company at the awards ceremony in Shanghai in March and commented, “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award. It is a true reward of our long-standing effort in developing innovative gas technology to help customers achieve consistently reliable and outstanding performance in laser applications.”

“We will continue to leverage our 50+ years of expertise in specialty gases to develop innovative gas solutions that help the laser industry improve process efficiency and cope