Oxygen, the life giving gas in the atmosphere, has potential to destroy aroma, vitamin C and the taste of many different beverages.

While the packaging material of PET bottles is down gauged year by year, the barrier properties are being improved in order to extend the product’s shelf life, despite the fact that the overall material content is being significantly reduced. As the packages become more sophisticated it is recommended to analyse areas of a package separately in order to understand where oxygen permeation occurs. Although caps and closures equate to only 0.5% to 6% of the total package, it is worthwhile to check their contribution to any oxygen ingress.

There are several challenging tasks that bottle caps need to perform:

  • It should be easy to open
  • It must be tamper proof
  • It must be tight under all conditions for transportation and storage
  • Its integration into the complete package

Oxygen permeation testing is a well-established method to test the barrier properties of films and packages.

Systech Illinois’ leading oxygen permeation analysers are capable of testing the oxygen barrier properties of packages with a detection threshold of 4E-05 cm³/pack a day. Several different packages from various supermarket shelves have been used for testing. The oxygen transmission rates for the closures have been measured in the range between 0,25 and 0,01 cm³/cap day.

Systech Illinois have performed permeation tests in order to separate the contribution of the closure from the total oxygen transmission of the complete package.