Swiss company ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd is embracing the digital age with the start of communications on social media channels.

ASCO’s motto says it all: ‘All about CO2’. This is intended to reflect the company’s position as a provider of complete CO2 and dry ice solutions, with customers worldwide.

This product range includes CO2 production and recovery plants, dry ice blasting units, dry ice production machines, CO2 cylinder filling systems, CO2 vaporisers, CO2 storage tanks, CO2 dosing systems for water neutralization, and various other CO2 and dry ice equipment.

Thanks to this broad product range and more than 80 years of practical experience in the wide field of CO2 and dry ice, customers profit from individual, complete CO2 solutions from a single source.

‘All about CO2’ will also be the motto on ASCO’s new communication channels: on YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.