Den Hartogh Gas Logistics decided five years ago to put containerised supply chain services for the (air) gas industry as one of its strategic spearheads, and the company seems to have made the right choice.

Recent years have shown a steady double-digit annual growth. Even in times of economical setback in Europe and the rest of the world, Den Hartogh has succeeded in convincing customers on safety, reliability and economical solutions.

Since 1st January (2014), the company has started with gas logistics activities from its base in Singapore, having previously operated chemical logistics there since 2011.

The company is setting up a network for customers in the Asia-Pacific region and Melvin Teo, Commercial manager for Den Hartogh in the region and former Air Products employee, said, “We sell integrated logistics solutions and customers can come to us for door-to-door services within South East Asia. If demanded, we link in with our own branches in the Middle East, Europe and the US. We feel at ease if we deliver total solutions for high demanding customers in the supply chain.”

As a Dutch family-based company, Den Hartogh’s roots of developments in gas logistics were initially in Europe, Russia and Turkey. Activities are transport by sea, rail and road, with leasing services for ISO tank containers, stock solutions and tank management. Optimising round trip times, delivering real time information, and management information at demand are services that are an added value to transport and leasing.

Gas logistics is one of four such units of the Den Hartogh Group and, according to Hans Kok, Business Unit Director, the overall success lies in the fact that Den Hartogh Gas Logistics delivers consistent safe quality and offers tailor made solutions to customers.

 He added, “We do not touch an ISO tank container if one of the chains in the supply chain is not safe or even doubtful. We train drivers and our staff according to the principles of making them conscious about their behaviour. For specific product knowledge people are trained with tailor-made gas training modules for different types of gases. So we do not like surprises when it comes to safety. We combine safe logistics operations with new state-of-the-art equipment.”


More to come

Den Hartogh also has an increasing fleet of gas units. At the moment this business unit has a young and modern fleet which began in 2008 with 10 ISO tank gas containers, and today already numbers hundreds of units in Europe and Asia. A constant investment programme is in place for new builds; Netherlands-based Cryotech and its branch in Thailand, as well as Chart Ferox have all been awarded new build contracts this year.

Next year (2015) the company will continue to keep up the investment pace and new cryogenics and CO2 units will arrive in the first and third quarters of 2015. In addition, Den Hartogh is investing in specialised T-50 containers ranging from 18 to 34 bar. gasworld understands that a special attention will be paid in 2015 on LNG and ethylene developments; Den Hartogh already has 20 ft tanks for the two products and is considering additional investments in 40 ft LNG containers for maritime, road and rail transport.