The LNG-fuelled ferry, the Francisco, was recently declared the winner of the Black Diamond Award, at the World LNG Fuels conference in Houston, Texas.

The conference was held on 23rd January 2014, with the Francisco project recognised for achieving the highest standards in the categories of technological innovation, project execution, market impact and risk taken.

Francisco has also set records as the fastest commercial ship at 58.1 knots, being the first dual fuel high speed Ro-Ro to operate with a LNG fuel system designed and delivered by Chart Ferox. The ferry has a capacity of 1000 passengers and 150 cars and is equipped with the latest technology and passenger comfort.

The ship is scheduled to make two daily journeys between Montevideo and Buenos Aires with a transit time of two hours fifteen minutes each way.

Chart LNG Maritime Technology has also supported Incat with building the fastest, environmentally cleanest and most efficient, high speed ferry in the world.