Cavagna Group has presented it’s new website dedicated to the group’s new integrated valve for oxygen therapy.

The Viproxy valve incorporates state-of-the-art Cavagna technology specifically designed for the healthcare market.

The website is designed to be innovative and a useful source of information, describing the many applications and technical features of the Viproxy valve.

The new interactive website is also designed to include user-friendly features and allow the web visitor to interactively discover the Viproxy valve’s technical aspects all in a high definition 3D view. While navigating the site, the user has a 360º view of the valve and can view the details of each single component, consult technical specifications, and appreciate the unique features of the Viproxy which distinguish it from other products in the market.

These features include an integrated regulator, a front section that displays all the connections and information data, its compact nature and ergonomics, and much more.