The largest perlite insulated spherical LNG storage tank in China was unveiled in summer 2014, a 2500m3 tank constructed by Sanctum, a wholly owned subsidiary of CIMC Enric Group.

The spherical storage vessel was constructed for Chongqing Minsheng Energy and passed the acceptance inspection, with all technical parameters specified in the contract and relevant standards achieved.

The company claims that the vessel is the largest perlite insulated spherical storage tank ever put into operation in China to date.

CIMC Enric also explains that the perlite insulated storage tanks has multi-facet advantages, including a minimum amount of materials for construction of the same storage capacity, low construction cost of the equipment foundation, user-friendly operation, and high safety performance.

With the successful operation of the project, the company believes that the competitiveness of Sanctum in the pressurised LNG storage vessel market is enhanced, and at the same time has laid the foundation for designing and manufacturing subsequent large scale pressurised cryogenic storage vessels in the future.