The New Year is often considered a time for reflection, and two companies have this month told gasworld of their timely thoughts on longstanding partnerships in the industry.

Hummingbird Sensing Technology and COSMED are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a technology partnership that continues to produce industry-leading performance in the assessment of the cardio-respiratory and metabolic function in healthcare.

A leader in the design, development and manufacturing of non-invasive cardio respiratory testing systems for the clinical, research and sports fitness markets, Italy-based COSMED has worked with UK-Based Hummingbird since 1991 for the supply of high-quality sensor technologies to ensure accurate and safe patient monitoring.

“Both companies share the same outlook and commitment to excellence, so our relationship continues to be one of mutual understanding and respect”

Martin Cox, Hummingbird Sensing Technology

Working in close partnership to maximize the benefits of constantly evolving technologies, Hummingbird has supplied generations of sensors used for measuring respired CO2 and O2.

The partnership continues today with the use of Hummingbird’s acclaimed Pm1111E O2 sensor in COSMED’s Quark series line of products, including solutions for lung function testing, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing and Resting Metabolism measurement.

Air Liquide UK meanwhile, is reflecting on the 50th anniversary of its relationship with Southern California-based Smith Precision Products Company (Smith Pumps).

It’s not often that a relationship between a manufacturer and buyer spans half a century, Air Liquide explains, but then again, the history generated between Smith Pumps and Air Liquide UK, has been a ‘remarkable legacy of patience, trust, and civility’.

From what began as a lunch meeting in 1960, 2011 saw the companies celebrating the 50th anniversary of a relationship that has now spanned three generations of the Smith family, along with those key employees originating from the original Distillers Company CO2 Ltd in 1961 to the now Air Liquide, UK. ‘It is a relationship that has proven to be successful for both companies in good and uncertain economic times and is a testament to the power of the character of a few exceptional men and women employed by both companies,’ an Air Liquide UK statement explained.


Looking to the future

Reflecting on their own long-term partnership, Hummingbird looked to the future. The two companies are moving forward with the forthcoming integration of the next-generation paramagnetic technology offered by the Hummingbird Paracube platform into new COSMED technologies.

Martin Cox, Hummingbird Sensing Technology, commented, “As one of the true leaders and innovators in the cardio pulmonary market, we are proud of our long association with COSMED and are glad that our sensor technology has helped their products achieve the standards on which they have built their market-leading reputation.”

“Both companies share the same outlook and commitment to excellence, so our relationship continues to be one of mutual understanding and respect.”