The first utilisation project on blast furnace gas with low caloric value was officially launched in China in February.

The project enables the Chinese steel industry to efficiently take advantage of blast furnace gas.

The Hengyang Steel Tube Asset Management Co. Ltd, owned by Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co. Ltd. (HengGang), has formed a partnership with Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co. Ltd (PIONEER).

The joint venture of HengGang and PIONEER, named Hunan HengGang Baida Pioneer Energy Technology Co. Ltd, executed the utilisation project through their joint efforts.

The project has received the approval from Hunan Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hunan Provincial People’s Government, and Environmental Protection Department of Hunan.

Design review of the utilisation project of blast furnace gas has been completed and the whole project is expected to be complete and ready to start-up in August 2012.

The project relies on PIONEER’s know-how, including equipment and the adsorbent.

It is considered a major breakthrough for both the steel industry and the air separation field to get CO product of 17,500 Nm3/h, of which purity is more than 70% from large-scale blast furnace gas of more than 67,000 Nm3/h.

When it goes into production, the CO product by purification from blast furnace gas will be supplied to the heating furnace, partly instead of natural gas. It is estimated that the CO product can save about one-third amount of the natural gas for HengGang, gasworld China understands.