November marked an important milestone in Cryostar’s history, with the launch of the world’s largest liquid nitrogen test facility for cryogenic pumps.

The Cryostar headquarters in Hésingue, France, was the place to be as more than 100 customers, partners, members of local government institutions, suppliers and distinguished guests attended the facility’s grand opening ceremony.

Cryostar monitored a live test performance within the new facility.

The audience experienced two simultaneous tests of a reciprocating HPP pump triplex model on one line, and a large vertical centrifugal VP 6/310 pump with six stages and 310mm size impeller on another line.


The key figures behind the test facility offer a sense of the installation’s potential.

It includes:

  • An experienced team of over 30 highly qualified technicians and engineers
  • 30m x 40m building with a 13m height
  • 2 MW power capacity
  • 200,000 litre liquid nitrogen tank located on an 8m raised platform
  • Low voltage and high voltage available

The facility features five independent lines, including three dual lines testing on one line, while the second is in cooling down. The cooling down duration for a large vertical pump can take around three hours.

The dual‐lines principle provides the opportunity to increase testing productivity, since the cooling‐down process can be done in what Cryostar describes as ‘hidden time’.

Samuel Zoughi Cryostar

Samuel Zouaghi (pictured), President of Cryostar, expressed both satisfaction and pride in providing its customers and employees with such an innovative and high performance test tool.

Members of local government institutions also shared their admiration and support, including Gaston Latscha (Mayor of Hésingue), Mrs Pascale Schmidiger (Vice‐President of the Regional Council of Alsace), and Charles Buttner (President of the General Council of Haut‐Rhin).

In addition, Cryostar welcomed Juergen Nowicki (Member of the Board of Linde Engineering), Patricia Schillinger (Senator for Haut‐Rhin department), and Roland Igersheim (former Mayor of the city of Hésingue), among many other distinguished guests.

The site visit drew to a successful conclusion with a cocktail reception and gala dinner held in the prestigious car museum in nearby Mulhouse.