Summer 2014 saw Cryostar welcome 12 representatives of 10 major companies for an open day to preview its new HPP3 65/120 cryogenic pump.

After a presentation of Cryostar pumps concluded with a lively discussion, the visitors attended the HPP3 65/120 pump test.

The pumps are used to provide LNG as a fuel at 300 bar pressure, for 2-stroke ME-GI type dual fuel diesel engines for vessels, manufactured under license from MAN Diesel & Turbo, based in Copenhagen.

As emission controls are tightening globally, shipping has come under the spotlight. This has resulted in regulations being implemented to reduce the emissions from all types of ships.

There are a number of alternative methods for emissions reduction including exhaust gas scrubbers, however, the burning of a cleaner fuel such as LNG, provides a relatively simple solution on board. LNG carriers are some of the cleanest vessels afloat, but now owners of other vessel types are also looking use LNG as a fuel.

Cryostar is teaming up with other companies to package the pumps, together with the required vaporizers and control systems to be supplied as a more complete solution. This has resulted in the recent order from HHI and another from AX Inox for a similar scope of supply, where ethane is the selected fuel.

Cryostar has also provided equipment to the engine-builders, such as Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Kawasaki, where a similar system is required for factory testing of the engines before delivery.

Following the test, visitors had the chance to attend a cold-end disassembly with Pierre Papirer, Pumps Development Manager at Cryostar. The event ended with a tour of the headquarters led by Roger Dambach, General Manager, and Neil Wilson, Commercial Manager, from the LNG Transport and Terminals Business Unit.