The opening day of gasworld’s historic first conference in South East Asia came to a conclusive end earlier today (Wednesday).

Held at the Orchard Hotel, in Singapore, delegates have enjoyed a day packed with insightful, interesting, and informed speakers who have covered a wide range of topics.

The second half of the day was opened by the final speaker of the first half of the day, John Raquet from Spiritus consulting, who efficiently filled the roll of the Chairman for the afternoon session.

A very intriguing and dynamic set of four speakers addressed the room during the session which lasted just over one hour and a half – with LNG as a very hot topic of conversation.

Jim Nicholson, from Argus Media, took to the stage first and spoke about the LNG market outlook in South East and North East Asia.

He proclaimed that, “Asia is the epicenter of the LNG market. There is strong demand from Japan which makes the county a price maker where as South Korea and China are price followers.”

“LNG imports in 2011 were up 12.1% to 78.5m tns in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in March 2011. And demand continues to rise on 2012.”

“Singapore’s LNG terminal is under construction at the moment and hopes to become a regional trading hub.”

“(And because of this construction) Beyond the next five years, Singapore may have a part to play in the LNG market.”

SOXAL’s Christophe Chalier chose to change the subject matter. His presentation was about meeting today’s energy challenges.

In talking about the world outlook for 2035, Chalier said, “The world energy demand will increase by one third and grows for all energy sources.”

“The reduction in the use of nuclear power will give it this boost. The days of low price energy are over.”

Chalier then discussed the implications for providers, such as; the reduction of energy consumption, the need to expand renewable alternatives, and the need to reduce industrial emissions.

The focus then went to LNG when ACD’s Richard Young spoke about embracing opportunities with LNG.

“LNG opportunities are in the infrastructure,” he said and highlighted things like reliability and serviceability as two key facts for the LNG businesses to utilise.

He said, “The LNG ‘clean energy’ market is building to a point of no return,” and stressed that for the market to thrive for everyone, companies must avoid taking “cheap shots” about rival firms.

Finally, Messer’s Frank Hopfenbach spoke about the young and thriving industrial gas country that is making a name for itself – Vietnam.

He highlighted the positives that the he feels the country has in order to attract companies and to becoming a stronger market place for businesses to invest in.

“Vietnam’s strengths are its ongoing potential for growth, a young increasing population, low level salaries and a plentiful stock of raw materials and strong agriculture,” Hopfenbach said, adding the weaknesses range from corruption to infrastructure.

Delegates, at 7pm reconvened for the first Gala Dinner – which was sponsored by Bhruka Gases and entertainment provided by Cryolor Asia Pacific.

The second and final day of gasworld’s first South East Asia conference kicks-off at 10am tomorrow with a talk from Hector Villarreal, from Weldcoa.