The Dearman Engine Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hubbard Products Ltd to manage the vehicle integration of the Dearman engine liquid air transport refrigeration system (TRU).

The collaboration is seen as an important development for the commercialisation of this mould-breaking, emission-free technology.
It also comes at the same time as publication of a new report highlighting the importance of replacing refrigerated transport units with a liquid air zero-emission solutions.

The report, published yesterday by the Liquid Air Energy Network, the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, and the University of Birmingham, found that replacing just 13,000 refrigerated transport units with a liquid air zero-emission solution could reduce levels of dangerous PM and NOx by the same amount as taking 367,000 modern (Euro 6) trucks off the road – over three times the entire UK truck fleet.

Part of the worldwide Zanotti group, Hubbard Products Ltd is the UK’s principal designer, manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration systems and units and a leader in refrigeration for commercial vehicles and refrigerated vans.

Hubbard’s membership of the Zanotti Group, which has also approved this MoU, gives Dearman the potential for a global refrigeration system partner.

The objective of the collaboration is to advance the technical, commercial and industrial development of the Dearman engine transport refrigeration system to a stage where Hubbard can manufacture, integrate and market cooling systems incorporating the Dearman engine in commercial volumes.

The specific first objective is for Dearman and Hubbard to collaborate to deliver approximately five field trial prototypes of the refrigerated vehicle system to an end-user in the UK, early next year. Dearman is already engaged in discussions with two major supermarkets.