Denmark-based Aquila Triventek A/S has revealed a double development in the field of dry ice with the introduction of both a dry ice puck-maker and new CO2 gas recovery units for pelletisers.

The invention of the puck-maker means that dry ice no longer needs to be squared and is available in circular slices or pucks.

The company describes the product as a patented system integrating both the production and packaging of dry ice pucks in just one piece of compact and affordable equipment. A machine line delivers an endless strip of high density pucks wrapped in an FDA-approved nylon sheet with the manufacturer’s name and logo printed on it.

Transversal perforations make it easy to rip or tear off the nylon strip in the desired length and quantity of pucks to be used on each delivery, with no need for contact and manual handling of unpacked dry ice.

The unit has a production capacity of approximately 400 pucks per hour (80kg per hour) and can be combined with a TRIVENTEK P80 pelletiser with an RE80 recovery unit. The system can be added on to existing dry ice pelletisers and can be fed manually with dry ice pellets of 1,7 or 3mm (rice format). In terms of benefits, Aquila Triventek explains that circular dry ice slices are easier to manufacture, easier to wrap, pack and doze, and offer the same cooling properties.

Meanwhile, the company claims that a huge dry ice production facility is no longer required in order to invest in revert gas recovery, with the company’s new CO2 gas recovery units.

Until recently, Aquila Triventek says, the recovery of revert CO2 gas was ‘just a privilege for big plants and large scale manufacturers’. A huge initial investment, high energy costs and lots of physical space made it prohibitive for small and medium-scale producers. But the company’s new recovery units now make it possible for modest dry ice production plants with small pelletisers to be cost-effective and respectful of the environment at the same time.