In response to the growing interest in its gas chromatography products in the region, Falcon Analytical is beginning sales and service operation in China.

The company announced recently that it was flying to China to capitalize on the interest in its CALIDUS gas chromatography (GC) solutions.

The first applications of the CALIDUS micro GC in the so-called ‘great Middle Kingdom’ will be in refinery plant support labs. Interest in the CALIDUS UltraFast D-2887 Method is ‘sweeping across the globe’ the company claims.

With ultrafast analysis – 10-50 times faster than conventional GCs - the CALIDUS micro GC has become a reliable, proven solution for refineries, petrochemicals, upstream, downstream and more.

‘Significant deliveries are in transit even as we fly to China,’ a Falcon Analytical statement explained. The company is shipping the first fully automated process analytical system, featuring eight streams with automatic permeation calibration tube.

The system is applicable for laboratory process studies where total process volume is low and total available gas sample flow is <100 ml/min. Scale-up to pilot plant can be easily achieved using the same system design.

The system is controlled by Falcon’s newly released CALIDUS Chrom Perfect Process Control software (above) from Justice Laboratory Software. The software package includes the fully integrated Infometrix LineUp application in every license.