German biotechnology company ibidi GmbH has launched a new device that optically measures the exact oxygen content directly in cells and tissues.

The ibidi OPAL Optical O2 Measurement System determines the correct O2 content, which is a critical factor in maintaining the natural behaviour of cells in culture.

This technology is described by ibidi as ‘an invaluable tool’ for mimicking the conditions of real tissue in in-vitro experiments. With the launch of the device, it is now possible to measure the real oxygen concentration directly inside the Petri dish.

For the first time, extra- and intracellular O2 concentrations in cells and tissues can be quickly determined – in just a few seconds – with the ibidi OPAL System. Subsequently, cell culture conditions can be adapted to the real conditions in tissues.

In contrast to existing technologies, the OPAL measurement is non-invasive and occurs in real time, making it ideal for in vitro hypoxia conditions, such as 3D cultures, spheroid models, and tissues.

ibidi OPAL

Source: ibidi GmbH

The OPAL technology was developed by ibidi’s cooperative partner, Colibri Photonics, from Potsdam, Germany and is now being marketed by ibidi GmbH.

“We are very excited to bring this innovative new technology into the market”, explained Dr. Roman Zantl, President at ibidi GmbH. “We, along with Colibri Photonics, want to advance the knowledge of oxygen conditions in cell culture, because this is a crucial factor in cancer treatment.”

With offices in Martinsried, Germany and Verona, Wisconsin in the US, ibidi is a leading supplier of functional cell-based assays and advanced products for cellular microscopy.