Sierra Instruments has announced its evolutionary QuadraTherm® 640i/780i has received global approvals for a range of standards of safe operation in potentially hazardous environments.

The device received approvals of cFMus (US and Canada), ATEX (European Union) and IECEx (International).

This signifies that the QuadraTherm is certified as flame-proof and protected from dust ignition sources and meets all design criteria for electrically-powered flow meters used in areas where combustible gases may be present.

“We designed and tested the QuadraTherm for safe operation in heavy industrial applications. The global approvals are a recognition that years of hard work in design and testing were right on target. Now our customers can use the QuadraTherm in even more heavy industrial application across the globe,” said Scott Rouse, Product Line Director.

The IECEx and ATEX certification programmes ensure explosion-proof and hazardous area compliance in the European Union and international destinations, while the cFMus certification programme ensures explosion-proof and hazardous area compliance in the US and Canada. With approvals, QuadraTherm is approved for applications in hazardous plant areas like facilities management, chemical processing, oil and gas, wastewater, and natural gas throughout the European Union and international communities. 

With these global approvals, Sierra’s QuadraTherm can be used throughout the world where hazardous or explosive environments may be present, expanding the market for our customers.