At a time of the year so synonymous with the giving of gifts, General Monitors has introduced the Model IR700 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Point Detector to the gas detection market.

Offering reliable gas detection performance with low maintenance, the rugged IR700 requires no routine calibration and provides complete control room status and control capability for monitoring at the ppm level.

General Monitors claims the new IR700 is the ideal tool for carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), chemical plants, food & beverage bottling plants, coal gasification applications, the metals sector, and wastewater treatment facilities.

The unit features a precision IR point sensing element that offers reliable protection against the hazards of carbon dioxide gas leaks. The IR700 features a true fail-to-safe design for dependable gas detection performance, heated optics to eliminate condensation, and a dirty optics indicator informs the user the device must be cleaned before the lenses are entirely blocked, thereby reducing downtime.


Careful monitoring is crucial

Carbon dioxide is an inexpensive and versatile gas that is useful in diverse applications from beverage carbonation to enhanced oil recovery techniques.

While nonflammable and fairly innocuous, leaks can be dangerous and exposure to atmospheric concentrations above 5,000 ppm is considered unhealthy – making careful monitoring crucial at lower levels.