Air Products Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi will be presenting at the Citi 2014 Basic Materials Conference in New York next week.

The event, which takes place on 2nd December (2014), will see Ghasemi focus on the company’s goals, strategy and actions to deliver shareholder value.

This follows a similar focus given by Ghasemi earlier this month at the Morgan Stanley Global Chemicals and Agriculture Conference, in Boston on 12th November.

This latest speaker opportunity adds to a particularly busy period for the new Air Products CEO, having officially succeeded John McGlade (retired) on 1st July (2014) and embarked upon a major restructuring of the company’s operations since then, with the goal of regaining industry leadership.

Announcing the company restructuring in September, Ghasemi stated, “The people of Air Products are ready for the significant changes necessary to regain the leadership position we enjoyed 20 years ago – we’re not in the business of shouting or screaming at staff but will unlock the value potential through a management approach that empowers and motivates our employees.”

Aware of the huge task ahead of him, Ghasemi stated he was only too aware the gap to overcome to regain number one status was “600 to 700 basis points” but reinforced it “was not said lightly” and described it as like “climbing a mountain”.

Ghasemi has also personally met with over 4,000 employees around the world in recent months, to listen to their concerns and answer questions.

An audio webcast and presentation slides of Ghasemi’s speech at the Citi 2014 Basic Materials Conference will be available on Air Products’ Investor Relations event details web site.


Hot topic


How will Ghasemi and Air Products realise their ambition? The answer, as explained in gasworld’s November Hot Topic, is via a five-point plan.

“We need to work hard for many years, there are 10,000 little things we need to do but can be summarised into a five point plan,” Ghasemi had said.

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