BOC, who recently opened the UK’s first open-access hydrogen filling station, has emphasised its ongoing commitment to hydrogen by announcing plans to double capacity at its Teesside, UK facility.

BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is a significant hydrogen supplier to UK business and earlier today announced expansion plans at its Teesside facility. The plant, opened earlier this year in March, specialises in hydrogen road-trailer filling. Accoridng to BOC, the expansion will allow the facility to cater for a growth in demand from the region and further afield.

Mike Huggon, Managing Director of BOC in the UK and Ireland commented, “BOC is an innovation-led company. Some of the most exciting developments at present are in the creation of a sustainable, hydrogen-based economy. The expansion of the Teesside hydrogen trailer facility will enable us to reach more customers and service these developments.”

Initial construction of the Teesside facility was part funded through the Tees Valley Industrial Programme. Neil Kenley, Director of Business Development for the programme welcomed BOC’s additional investment. He said, “BOC is a real asset for the area and we were confident that the initial investment in their innovation would help sow the seed for further investments at a later date.”

Kenley added, “As we look to grow and build the Tees Valley offer, the emerging hydrogen economy is another competitive edge for existing business and potential inward investors.”