The Oxymat Group believes there are signs of ‘the financial spring blooming around the globe’ as it reflects on another positive year for the company in 2013.

The company has a positive outlook for the year ahead after 2013 became a year of ‘considerable growth’ in its order uptake.

According to its first newsletter of 2014, Oxymat Group signed contracts last year for around €16.3m, a growth rate of 24% against those contracts signed in 2012. As the new year began, an order book of €6.1m existed – mainly for deliveries in 2014.

The group’s statistics for 2013 shows a breakdown of orders by region as follows:

  • Europe 41%
  • Asia 36%
  • Africa 17%
  • Latin America 5%
  • Australia 1%.

Oxymat believes such figures by both value of orders and regional breakdown demonstrate the company has ‘hit a good match between our competitive pricing and our well-documented engineering works’.

“To be successful in a niche market such as the onsite gas production, we must ensure delivery of, not only a quality product, but also relevant documentation and often special-engineered solutions that fit with requirements of our customers,” the company statement said.

“By offering well-documented solutions, backed by highly skilled service engineers on location securing well running plants for our customers, we believe that we can increase the standards in the onsite gas industry considerably.”



What does these statistics man for the onsite oxygen generation market?

Oxymat Picture

Clearly Oxymat’s ‘domestic’ European market is still out in front as the company’s biggest business hub. Only last year the company described the German market as a sleeping giant and revealed, through the formation of Oxymat GmbH, its intentions to expand in this region and ‘wake-up’ the market.

However, at the same time Oxymat also described the ‘huge potential market’ in the healthcare sector in Southeast Asia after just signing a new oxygen supply contract in Myanmar – and with 36% of its orders in 2013 derived from the Asia region, this is clearly an emerging market for the oxygen generation business.

With investment in healthcare sectors throughout the region, companies such as Oxymat believe there is a strong potential for oxygen production alternatives to ‘costly’ cryogenic oxygen means.

From Oxymat’s perspective, its strong statistics in 2013 are ‘all signs of the financial spring blooming around the globe’ and the result of hitting ‘a good match between competitive pricing and well-documented engineering works’.