The Harris Products Group has released its first mobile app this week, and users can now quickly find the best brazing and soldering alloy for their jobs.

The ease of finding the right product will save time and money for the users, Harris says, while eliminating the need for Wi-Fi internet access at a job site.

The app is intended to be a tool for consumers of HPG alloys, as well as Harris distributors and its sales team.

Features of this app include a complete listing of the most popular Harris brazing and soldering alloys, large icons and graphics that make navigation fast and easy, links to how-to videos that highlight important safety information, and a locater for Harris distributors in the US and Canada.

“This is one of the first brazing and soldering apps in the market,” noted Ira Bennett, Director of Marketing for The Harris Products Group. “Strategically, we want to get it out to as many people as possible as there are very few brazing or soldering apps, none from our competitors, and none similar to ours.”

Harris anticipates expanding the app to include new products, such as the Ring of Fire brazing rings and Eco Smart brazing flux, and an application matrix to better guide consumers to the products they need based upon job type.