Following the news of the recent rebranding of Linde Malaysia, more breaking news emerges from the South East Asia region with the appointment of Lim Seck Luan as Managing Director of Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd (LGS).

As the new Managing Director of LGS, Ms. Lim oversees The Linde Group’s important and growing business in Singapore.

The company’s plant on Jurong Island operates the largest hydrogen and carbon monoxide (HyCO) facility in the region. It also has a cylinder filling plant in Tuas that serves Linde customers in Singapore and the region.

In the past three years, the company has invested up to S$55m to expand its operations to serve the growing industrial gases market. The investments went into enlarging its HyCO facility, building a 100 ton per day carbon dioxide (CO2) production plant – the largest merchant CO2 plant in Singapore – and setting-up a regional supply chain hub for the storage and distribution of electronic specialty gases.


Focus on South East Asia

The Singapore industrial gases market is one of the largest in Asia, a market that gasworld conferences will be traveling to this June for its first ever South East Asia industrial gas conference.

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