MATHESON has rolled out new industrial gas apparatus products as part of its exclusive MATHESON Select® line of welding accessories, safety supplies, welding tools, and filler metals.

Stocked in MATHESON stores from coast-to-coast in the US, the new line-up of MATHESON Select® products showcases pre-configured outfits for oxy-acetylene cutting and heating.

Also offered are related individual components, such as regulators, replacement gauges, torch handles, cutting attachments, and cutting tips.

In addition to products for use with acetylene, cutting tips for use with propane/natural gas and propylene are also part of the MATHESON Select® line of gas apparatus.

Beyond kits and tools for oxy-fuel use, the MATHESON Select® line-up also includes products for GMAW and GTAW welding applications. Flow meters or flow gauges are pre-packaged with regulators and hose for use with argon, argon/carbon dioxide (CO2), and CO2.

MATHESON has selected Victor to manufacture the products in this new product line extension. Ian Freedman, Vice-President of Retail Operations and Hardgoods Sourcing at MATHESON, commented, “Value is important, but with MATHESON’s longstanding reputation in the gas business, performance and safety come first.”

“By working with Victor to put the MATHESON name on these products, we can be completely confident in the level of product reliability in the field.”