McPhy Energy has raised around €32m for its strategic development through the launch of its shares on the Paris Euronext exchange, including a public offering and an institutional offering.

Following the resounding success of its IPO, McPhy Energy has raised the funds necessary to accelerate its development and seize the opportunities available to its hydrogen-based solutions in the context of worldwide energy transition.

The funds raised will enable the company to accelerate its commercial development in the key regions of North America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

It will also help McPhy bolster its infrastructure for the industrial fabrication of hydrogen production and storage equipment and intensify the industrial deployment of its exclusive, solid-state hydrogen storage technology and the development of its product range of electrolysers for the energy, carbon-free vehicle, and industry markets.

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“We are extremely happy about the success of our IPO. We would like to thank individual investors for their trust, as well as historical and new institutional investors who have provided us with the means to accelerate our strategic development plan,” said Pascal Mauberger, CEO of McPhy Energy.

“McPhy Energy is endowed with a unique solid-state hydrogen storage technology and extensive expertise in manufacturing hydrogen production equipment, and this will play a decisive role in helping the company become a leading actor in worldwide energy transition.”